Which Style Do You Belong To By Choosing The Style Of Map Print On Wedding Invitation

Bạn Thuộc Phong Cách Nào Thông Qua Chọn Style Bản Đồ In Trên Thiệp Cưới

The Simple suggests the current map printing styles that we are applying to customers. You can try it out

1. Standard Style:

This style is most used by Simple customers. Along with the basic and equally creative way of drawing, the map has shown very detailed and specific lines to help guests easily visualize the way and the location of the party.

2. Cute Style:

If you feel the standard style is impressive enough and you want something more attractive, then this “cute” style is the right choice for you.

The map has the advantages of the standard style, still very clear and detailed. But in this style, you see, they look very eye-catching when combined with floral motifs on cute color tones, guaranteed to become a highlight for your invitation card to be more impressive.

3. Modern Style:

This convenient Qr-code is very popular with young people. This style is suitable for couples who love modern technology and like differences. Just save space on the card and show your professionalism.

4. Style Google Map:

For this classic style, you don't have to worry that your guests will lose their way. Google map is a very familiar navigation tool for everyone. If you love simplicity, then this map is perfect for you. It looks normal, but in terms of proximity, Google map is still the "best".

Try it out and see what style you like!

Source: The Simple