Delivery and Shipping

Giao hàng và Vận chuyển

Modern and busy life has made our time budget very limited. Understanding that, we have developed online shopping, door-to-door delivery services to save customers time and costs by delivering the best products to the locations customers require.

- With a dedicated and specialized delivery team of Printing World equipped with knowledge and skills to display tables without going through any intermediary shipping service, promises to bring the best shipping service, fastest for customers.

- For the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City, the delivery staff will flexibly deliver to any address specified by the customer. From corporate offices to personal residences or anywhere, as long as you request, publications will be delivered to your doorstep. All completely free

- For customers who place orders in other provinces, the delivery staff will deliver to the trucks specified by the customer, when the goods arrive, the customer can go to the truck to receive the goods or send the post office to deliver the goods. delivery to the requested address. Shipping fee Please pay to the delivery unit.

The world of printing always wants to bring customers the absolute satisfaction!

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