Notes when organizing a wedding party during the Covid-19 season

Những lưu ý khi tổ chức tiệc cưới mùa Covid - 19 - Thiệp cưới The Simple

1. Pay attention to the number of guests

The number of guests can vary depending on where you live, the size of the venue, and whether the wedding is held inside or outside. You should select the closest people to attend your wedding party, to reduce the risk of disease. Choosing guests carefully will also help you understand the number of guests who will definitely attend your wedding, so that the organization and reservation of a table will be much more convenient and reasonable.

Pay attention to the number of guests during the covid-19 season The number of guests is something that you need to pay special attention to when getting married during the Covid-19 season

Prioritizing inviting guests with close relationships will help everyone easily integrate into the party. At the same time, the preparation and service also become more attentive. With a small number of guests, the atmosphere is not too busy but still exudes the meaning of the couple's day. The bride and groom can refer to intimate wedding venues for about 150 people with 5-star service.

5-star wedding space suitable for weddings during the covid-19 season Luxurious 5-star wedding space with a capacity of 100 - 150 guests, suitable for intimate weddings during the epidemic season

2. If possible, organize it outdoors

The best wedding venue in the Covid-19 season is outdoors with fresh air, natural ventilation and plenty of space. Because the risk of transmission indoors is about 18 times higher than outdoors, choosing an outdoor wedding will make guests feel more secure and comfortable. A wedding party at the garden or the beach will be a good idea to impress guests and ensure everyone's safety during the epidemic season. Besides, outdoor wedding parties are also trending today. A romantic space with shimmering lights, blending with nature in the mild weather, this will definitely be a wedding party that everyone wants to attend at this time.

Outdoor wedding party suitable for covid-19 season Outdoor weddings are both safe and up-to-date

Beach wedding suitable for covid-19 season Romantic beach weddings will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests

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3. Let's shorten the time

Normally, a wedding ceremony will last about three to four hours with lots of entertainment and speeches. Because the risk of spreading COVID-19 is related to the duration of contact, the shorter the duration of contact, the lower the risk of getting sick. Instead, keep only the necessary rituals and shorten the ceremony to less than 3 hours or divide the ceremony into two time frames, one time for relatives and parents, the other time for entertainment. friends of the bride and groom. For weddings with a large number of guests, you can divide guests to sit in two different halls to avoid having too many people in the same area. At this time, a projection screen used to livestream the ceremony is essential to ensure that all guests can watch the ceremony smoothly.

Shorten the wedding ceremony time during the covid-19 season Keep only the rituals that are really necessary to shorten your wedding ceremony

4. Keep distance between guests

At a banquet table, you should leave a chair empty between the guests. Thus, a normal wedding table of ten we will make room for five. The tables in your party should also be arranged at a safe distance from each other, both for guests to be comfortable and to reduce the risk of disease transmission. In addition, please encourage people to avoid gathering in the lobby, and the entrance to the restroom.

keep distance between guests during covid-19 season Please choose a spacious party place to ensure space between the guests

5. Should choose the set menu served at the table

During the Covid-19 season, we should not share food or eating utensils, so setting a side menu to the table will be a reasonable choice in this time. Of course, the service staff must be equipped with masks and gloves to ensure the best possible hygiene and safety. Therefore, you should prioritize choosing a wedding restaurant with quality and professional service to be able to fulfill food hygiene standards during this epidemic season. You should also tag the guest's name for each glass so that people don't drink each other's glasses by mistake. During the party, we should also just raise a glass instead of a toast.

choose food served at the table for the wedding ceremony in the season of covid-19 Food served at the table will be more suitable than buffet during the Covid-19 season

6. Note when serving wine, beer

During the Covid-19 season, you should limit serving alcohol and beer at the party. Instead of letting your guests drink freely as usual, consider serving a limit of one or two glasses of unique cocktails to invite guests. Just limit the state of over-drinking and make your party more luxurious and sophisticated. Because when you drink a lot of alcoholic beverages, the immune system will become weaker, so the risk of infection will be higher.

Note when serving alcoholic beverages during covid-19 season Sweet and delicate cocktails will make the wedding party more luxurious and safe

7. Provide hand sanitizer

On each party table and entrance, you should put a bottle of hand sanitizer for everyone's convenience. Ensuring hygiene in the party during the Covid-19 season is very necessary and also for your guests to have a safe and comfortable mentality during the wedding party.

Provide hand sanitizer for wedding parties during the covid-19 season Provide hand sanitizer at the wedding table

8. Choosing a wedding venue can change the date flexibly

During the epidemic season, we can't know what will happen, the risk of the wedding being delayed is also very likely. Therefore, the bride and groom should choose a wedding venue that has a flexible date change policy to ensure you are not passive while planning the wedding party. When you have a backup plan for your wedding party, you will save a lot of money as well as time and effort if something unfortunate happens.

Choose a venue that can change the date for the covid-19 season

A wedding during the pandemic may be far different from a normal wedding, but it will still be fun and joyful if you follow the above notes. Because the meaning of a wedding party is the day we celebrate a couple getting married and becoming husband and wife, right?