Professional makes the difference

“The finished product must be perfect but that is not enough, we believe that to convince customers, it is necessary to take the professional working process and quality service to conquer them.”


Accentuate with hand-drawn design

For The Simple, the card is a story, a gift and a memory. With the strength of the line of hand-painted folk cards, each of our works is always carefully adjusted not only in terms of images, but also in terms of the artist The Simple, who also breathes life into it as a love story, creating a new work. Simple yet elegant, yet elegant.

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View and Order Cards Anytime, Anywhere

The Simple builds a Website with the best experience for customers to choose from.
Customers can choose according to their preferences to create a set of wedding cards just for themselves.
Fully mobile compatible so customers can order online anytime or anywhere. Ordering is now easier than ever


Progress and Quality

- The Simple is proud to be a member of Printing World with 9 years of experience in the field of printing. With modern production equipment and a professional processing team, we are confident that we will bring you products of the best quality in every detail.
- Along with that, the process of managing order progress is completely online so you can track it easily and conveniently.
- We are always learning to experience, draw on experience to create cards that are not only creative in terms of content but also beautiful in form.


Support policy, commitment to customers

The Simple always works with all the love from the heart, so customers deserve to experience all the best services from The Simple. Customer satisfaction is our success. In addition to the quality of our products, we always prioritize our service attitude, after-sales service and fulfill our commitments to customers, including:
- Commit to 5 working days with the card since the customer deposits and confirms the printing
- Support Policy Includes 8 Steps (8H) Helping Customers Have a Perfect Experience.
- 30% Discount Insurance Package Support Customers Reprinting Due to Disease.
- Within 5 days after receiving the card, if there is a mistake, please contact The Simple immediately, we will assist you to solve it as quickly as possible.

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