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The wedding card will become softer and softer when tied with a lovely bow. There are many colors for you to easily mix on the card templates.

Bow color
Nơ voan hồng
Nơ voan kem
Nơ voan nâu
Nơ voan đỏ
Nơ lụa hồng
Nơ lụa kem
Nơ lụa nâu
Nơ lụa đỏ
Dây Cối
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The Simple suggests for the Bride - Groom to mix the Wedding Invitation Template with Bow Colors

Gray Bow gives a simple and elegant style.

White bow represents purity and nobility.
Blue Bow creates a pleasant, fresh feeling.
Pink bow creates a feeling of romance, tenderness and femininity.
The Jade Blue Bow gives a fresh, youthful feeling.
Brown Gold Bow represents nobility and luxury.
Blue bow creates a feeling of serenity, gentleness to sophistication.
Brown Bow represents simplicity but depth, sincerity and elegance.
Cobalt Blue Bow - A color of royalty, luxury and nobility.
Combined with Cordyceps, the Wedding Invitation Template looks rustic and classic.

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