25 wedding invitation templates with unique and creative ideas

25 mẫu thiệp cưới với ý tưởng độc đáo và sáng tạo

Beautiful wedding invitation templates are not enough, today's wedding invitations must be unique and new to be standard. Check out the following unique wedding invitation templates with The Simple:

1/ Create Art Deco style for your wedding card

Art Deco is a school of visual art with compositions and colors that create contrasts that attract at first sight.

2/ 3D Wedding Invitation

The cards are designed in 3D with models that pop out when the card is opened. You can design landmarks, image textures or your own wedding photos to make this 3D form.

3/ Design border lines with natural motifs

Creating gentle lines with floral motifs will make your card template more delicate.

4/ Funny invitations

Instead of "honorary words" like traditional wedding cards with funny greetings, the guests will feel interesting with the wit of the two of you.

5/ Use the image of the Bride - Groom

The sketches of the two of you are the most special highlight in the wedding card sent to the guests.

6/ Use the true image of the Bride - the Groom

The two of you have elaborated the wedding photos as beautiful as in the magazine. Then why not print on the wedding card set?

7/ Use handwriting to decorate the wedding card

While people always think about the design of colors, textures or the form of the card. Simple is the best, simply clicking on the layout to choose the font and creative arrangement of letters is enough to make your wedding invitation more special.

8/ Rustic style with canvas and lace

You love what is natural and rustic, a little brown burlap and lace will be enough to make the card "simple but not simple" at all.

9/ Interesting folds

Instead of making separate sheets, create interesting folding details in the card. Guests will have to flip out to see what's inside.

10/Luxury Confucian motif wedding card

Both traditional motifs combined with modern style.

11/ Embossed with glitter pattern

All girls love jewelry, right? You can apply needle pressing technology to wedding invitations with glittering jewelry motifs.

12/ Use the drawing of the wedding venue as a wedding card

You will have your wedding at a beach or a famous landmark. Design the card according to the place you organize, stimulate the imagination and excitement for the guests.

13/ His – Her: Similar design for the Bride and Groom couple

Imagine the same design, but you and your partner could print two different color versions. Like this couple there are 2 versions for the Bride with the pink card, and the Groom with the black card.

14/ Quadruple card

Sometimes you don't need too many invitations, which will make you feel disjointed and isolated, and the solution is to make the card fold. All content information is fully printed on a long and easy-to-fold sheet of paper.

15/ Wedding invitations inspired by plane tickets

Wedding invitations inspired by tickets are no longer strange. The unique design of 2 plane tickets will make everyone have an interesting view of your wedding.

16/ The wedding card is also a resort ticket

The guests will have both a wedding and a comfortable vacation. Surely who doesn't like it?

17/ Postcards

Do you love postcards while traveling? So why not bring that style into your own wedding cards? And the guests will keep as valuable memories.

18/ Use transparent acrylic material

Transparent, delicate and luxurious are the correct words to describe this Acrylic material. Make your wedding card more classy with Acrylic.

19/ Lego wedding card

Do you like creative lego games. Come up with an idea for a wedding card template with lego pieces so that the guests also have to be curious to find the right answer!

20/ Planting seed wedding invitation

Yes, you didn't read it wrong because these wedding cards are embedded with chrysanthemum seeds,… The wonderful messages from your wedding invitations will surely inspire your guests, protect the environment and no waste of resources. Don't forget to attach a planting guide to the card.

21/ Elevate laser wedding invitations

Cards with laser cut lines are no longer strange to many people. Let's elevate to works of art with unique and sophisticated designs.

22/ Flower-shaped folding wedding card

A folded flower from your own wedding card. That shows the sophistication of the owner of the wedding ceremony.

23/ Super unique invitation: in the form of a book

If you are a book lover, you definitely cannot ignore this book-like wedding invitation. The wedding card will be as interesting as the feeling of turning each page of a book.

24/ Wedding cards are traditional games

Do you like to play folk games such as billionaire chess… Let's design a wedding invitation template that simulates game models.

25/ Box-shaped wedding card

A lovely box with wedding card information It will be like a priceless souvenir gift that the Bride - Groom gives to the customers.

Source: urbancompany.com