Online wedding invitations – Wedding invitations in the age of technology

Thiệp cưới ONLINE – Mời cưới thời công nghệ

The wedding date has to be postponed due to the Covid epidemic or some other objective reason, your wedding card has been printed and now need to change the information to send it to the guests as quickly as possible, what to do? Online Wedding Card is available - A place to gather and update information easily and quickly, helping you "fire" in emergencies.

Online wedding invitations - a solution to shorten the distance between people

In the period of living with the pandemic, the inconveniences of movement and contact between people become difficult. The best solution for couples is to own an online wedding card with the following features:

Integrated in the QR code, easy sharing via social networks (Zalo/Facebook…

Diverse with effects and smart features

Preserving memories over time

A wedding card is always available in the phone, so that the Bride - Groom can send the card to the guests anytime, anywhere.

A wedding card that combines modern technology and keeps the "formal" in specifications like a wedding card printed on paper.

Order wedding cards online at:

Can online wedding invitations replace paper printed wedding invitations?

Wedding is the most special occasion in a person's life, that feeling and sacredness is definitely irreplaceable, just like a printed wedding card with meticulous preparation as a gift that the bride and groom will receive. The couple gave to their dear guests.

Online wedding invitations no matter how advanced the technology is, it certainly cannot replace the basic value of a printed wedding card. But the convenience of technology will also help a lot for couples.

Let the online wedding card adorn the wedding day more completely besides the printed wedding card. That shows the respect and sincere words that the Bride and Groom give to the guests, surely the guests will be impressed with the care and dedication of the two of you.

Source: Katy - The Simple