How to choose a wedding dress according to the bride's body shape

Cách chọn váy cưới theo dáng người cô dâu

Let's refer to how to choose a wedding dress according to the bride's body shape to enhance the sexy lines, helping the girls look radiant and gorgeous on the wedding day!

Wedding day is an important day in the life of every woman. Everyone wants to be beautiful and radiant on the day of "marriage and marriage". Therefore, in addition to choosing the right hairstyle, the girls also have to choose the right wedding dress to look gorgeous, walking alongside the groom - her husband.

Tell you how to choose a wedding dress according to the best bride's body shape!

1. Choose a dress according to your body shape

There are 5 basic body shapes today, including:

  • Hourglass shape: This is a body shape with a smaller waist than round 1 and round 3 and is the shape that any woman dreams of. With this figure, any wedding dress will be suitable. However, to be able to show off the "ant waist", a fishtail skirt sewn with a cup of the chest will be the best choice!
  • Strawberry shape: This body shape has horizontal shoulders, wide chest, and round 2 and 3 are usually smaller than shoulders. With this design, women should choose an A-line skirt with a puffy body to balance with the shoulders.

5 basic body shapes today

  • Apple body shape: This body type has a larger upper body than the lower body, and shoulders wider than the hips. To avoid showing too much in these parts, women should choose simple skirt styles, without many motifs focusing on the chest and shoulders. With this style, dresses with a V-neckline will be able to show off the advantages of a bust.
  • Pear shape: This is a body shape with a larger bust than the first while the shoulders are small and narrow. To overcome this drawback, women should choose dresses with puffy shoulders or sleeves. Hint: A-line dresses with boat necks will be the best choice!
  • Banana shape: This is a flat chest, small butt, no waist. To overcome the disadvantage of three rounds without any difference, women should choose an A-line skirt with an emphasis on the waist and the skirt does not hug too close to the body. But the most suitable are still skirts with a floating body because they can increase the feeling of fullness in the 3rd round.

2. Choose a dress that matches your skin tone

Asians, especially Vietnamese, usually only have yellow skin. Besides, there are also some people with dark, pink, white and blue skin tones. So, before the wedding ceremony, you can choose the dress according to your tone as follows:

  • With yellow skin tones: White, pink, red dresses or bold cold tones will be extremely suitable. And girls also need to avoid dresses with pale colors because they will make you pale and lifeless!
  • With dark skin tones: Dresses with milky, pastel, nude tones will suit this skin tone because they will help you become more charming and attractive. Girls also need to stay away from hot colors because they will make you sink, your skin looks darker.
  • With blue-white skin tones: Girls should choose dresses with warm, warm colors and just enough color to be able to become fresh and full of life on their wedding day!
  • With pinkish white skin tone: This is the skin tone that any woman wants. When owning this skin tone, you don't need to worry about the color of your wedding dress because it suits all colors, from hot to cold.

Pink and white skin tone: Any wedding dress is beautiful!

3. Choose the skirt material

Choosing the right fabric for the style of the dress and the occasion of the wedding is also extremely important. Can you imagine, how does it feel when wearing clothes with thick, less sweat-absorbent materials in hot weather or clothes with thin materials in cold weather?

Besides, wearing a wedding dress of the wrong material not only makes your travel more difficult, but also makes it difficult to enjoy the joy of the wedding day. Thus, it would be difficult to call the big day the happiest day in the truest sense of the word, right?

Some notes when choosing the right wedding dress

  • Try on lots of wedding dresses until you find the right style.
  • Choose the right time to try on a wedding dress. Ideally, you should choose to try on wedding dresses at happy, energetic times. Avoid trying on dresses on a day when you are in a bad mood, tired or on the day of "strawberry fall" because they can make you look unattractive!
  • Ask for a price or search for a price after choosing the right wedding dress.
  • You should choose the right wedding dress, suitable for the situation and space of the wedding ceremony.
  • Wear comfortable clothes when choosing a wedding dress.

On the wedding day, the most important thing is still the wedding dress because they will help the bride become outstanding and attractive in the ceremony. So, pay attention to the ways to choose the right wedding dress to make yourself the focus of the most beautiful day of your life, friends!

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