What month is the wedding season? The truth about the wedding season couples can not ignore

Mùa cưới tháng mấy? Những sự thật về mùa cưới các cặp đôi không thể bỏ qua

What month is the wedding season? According to many people, the wedding season usually falls in the last months of the year because this is a dry time, less affected by weather or natural conditions. However, is this true or just speculation? Let's find out the truth about the wedding season through the content below!

Wedding season according to the old concept

The ancients used to think that the wedding season would begin in the fall of this year and last until the end of spring next year. That said, it doesn't mean that there are no weddings in other months, just because weddings will often focus on that time.

This concept starts from the fact that Vietnam is an agricultural country, so everything has to wait until the farm work ends. The beginning of autumn, ie August is the time when the harvest is complete, everyone is relaxed at this time, the house is full of rice, so it will be easier to think about getting married, at the end of the year, there will be more people, more laughter, and more happiness. happiness and well-being for the whole family. Relatives, relatives, neighbors are also easier to attend the wedding, have fun with the families on both sides. Moreover, the weather in autumn is very cool and mellow, so the wedding will be much more convenient.

Weddings in the past were usually simple and were held after the farm work was done

However, in some western provinces, January, after the Lunar New Year, is the "golden time" for couples to get married. That's why, people have the song "Ra in January, I will marry you", that is, in January, he will bring her back to the palace.

Wedding season according to today's concept

Today, although some people think that the wedding season falls at the end of the year because this is the time when people and families are eagerly looking forward to the exciting atmosphere of festivals such as Christmas, Western New Year, and Lunar New Year. . However, the specific concept of the wedding season or the point of view of having to get married at this time is no longer so important. Now, just a beautiful day according to the theory of the Five Elements or feng shui can hold a wedding, regardless of rain or shine, winter or summer, January or August, "I like it, I'll get married"!

Today's wedding: I like it, I'll get married!

However, as noted, the peak time for modern weddings still takes place at most in August, September and September of the lunar calendar thanks to the pleasant weather. Couples will also be easier to move to wedding photography locations and have their own shimmering and beautiful wedding photos. Surely, no one likes to take wedding photos but sweat profusely due to the summer sun, which makes a gorgeous makeup layer, right?

However, when getting married at this time, couples need to book an appointment in advance, sometimes two or three months at restaurants to avoid losing seats, affecting the wedding!

Interesting things about the wedding ceremony that couples cannot ignore

1. Wedding time

Because everyone's work in modern times is quite busy, especially for office people, business people, etc., the wedding usually takes place on Saturday, Sunday with two time frames: 11:00 or 18:00. These are all times that coincide with everyone's lunch and dinner, so it will be more convenient for the guests.

2. Abstain from holding weddings in the seventh lunar month

The 7th lunar month is considered the month of "she soul", the month of separation (the legend of Nguu Lang - Chuc Nu) so many people consider this a taboo month, should not hold a wedding because the family will be easily disturbed. , unstable, unhappy. Moreover, July is still a rainy month, so the weather at this time is not very pleasant, sometimes it will make it difficult for some areas and regions to travel, such as the southwestern countryside, the central region or the central region. northern mountains.

3. The wedding fruit tray of the three North - Central - South regions is completely different!

Due to different conceptions and customs, originating in ancient times, the wedding fruit trays of the North, the Central and the South are completely different. This difference is expressed as follows:

  • The North: The wedding fruit tray needs to be solemn and sophisticated with the characteristics of the inside being even, the outside being odd, in which, the inside is the number of gifts for each casket and the outside is the number of caskets. The casket must be painted in gold, displayed in the shape of a tower and covered with a red dragon and phoenix scarf.
  • Central region: The wedding fruit tray just needs to be simple and sincere! The number of fruit trays and offerings must be in even numbers such as 2, 4, 6, ... and there must be 4 mandatory offerings: betel nut, drinking wine, bride's cake, and pink silk candle.
  • The South: The wedding fruit tray has many unique features depending on the family and regional conditions. But in general, the fruit tray in the South is required to have offerings such as betel nut, drinking wine, cake, ... (similar to the Central region).

It can be said that the current wedding season is no longer so important, but mainly based on "heavenly time - geographical advantage - human harmony", in which, the factor "people" is the most decisive. So, just match the couple, the day is beautiful, the couple can have a wedding, not necessarily waiting for the wedding season!

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