What should a modern bride-to-be prepare before the wedding?

Dâu rể hiện đại cần chuẩn bị gì trước khi cưới?

What to prepare before the wedding? This is a question that every couple is sure to be extremely interested in. Because marriage is very important for both of them. Therefore, to have the most perfect wedding day, the bride and groom need to prepare everything. If you do not have experience, do not ignore our sharing below.

Additional knowledge of marriage and family

A happy and sustainable marriage not only needs the love of two people but also depends on many factors. This includes the psychology of spouses, how to behave with parents, families on both sides...

Therefore, for married life to become more harmonious, to understand each other better, it is very necessary to learn marriage and family knowledge before marriage. You can add this knowledge through experts, internet documents... Even from your married relatives and friends. Surely it will be very useful for your married life later.

Planning the wedding ceremony

To avoid omissions, planning the wedding ceremony in detail is essential. Therefore, prepare yourself a notebook and list the following tasks in turn.

  • Where to hold the wedding ceremony?
  • Wedding ceremony time
  • Estimated number of guests
  • Choose a wedding card
  • Wedding photography
  • Wedding day outfit
  • Make a menu to invite guests
  • Don't forget to budget

Then let's rely on that to follow each job in turn. This will help you avoid missing important things. Or make mistakes that affect the wedding day.

Choose a wedding date

According to the concept of Eastern people, before getting married, choosing a date is very important. Choosing a good day that matches the age of both husband and wife will help the couple live happily. Not only that, the wedding day will go more smoothly. Therefore, do not neglect to choose a wedding date. If the wedding day coincides with Saturday and Sunday, it will be extremely wonderful. So your friends can attend in large numbers to join in the fun and share happiness with you.

Physical examination

Before getting married, couples often forget about this. Health check-ups not only ensure you are in good health, but also rest assured that your children will always be born healthy. In addition, a pre-marital health check can help you detect fertility problems as well as infectious diseases early. From there, timely treatment to have a healthy and happy family. Therefore, don't forget the pre-marital health check!

Making wedding cards

In order for relatives and friends to grasp the location and time of the wedding, a creative wedding card is definitely indispensable. Currently, there are many different styles of wedding invitation templates for you to choose from. Besides traditional wedding invitations, there are also modern wedding invitations. So, depending on your preferences, consider choosing the best card template for you.

Choose a wedding ring

Wedding rings when given to two people symbolize a single and eternal love. So choosing a wedding ring is something you need to prepare before the wedding day. Nowadays, wedding rings are very diverse and rich. So if you want to get a satisfactory ring, couples should choose based on their preferences.

Choose a wedding dress

To have the most complete and meaningful wedding ceremony for the bride and groom, it is definitely indispensable for costumes. Depending on the conditions you can choose to buy or rent wedding dresses. If you decide to sew, plan 2-3 months before the wedding day to avoid too much time. In case you choose to rent a dress, you can book 1 month in advance, to ensure you choose the best outfit.

Wedding photography

Wedding photography is a very important job, you need to prepare well before the wedding. In addition to the album, we need to choose the two best photos to place outside the wedding gate. Wedding photos are not only to keep the best moments of the bride and groom. In addition, it is also a memory of the couple's future when they return to the same house. Therefore, to get the best photos, you should find the right reputable studios.

Make a guest list

Make a guest list you need to make 2-3 months before the wedding day. Because not only guests of the bride and groom, but also guests of parents. So before you book a table, make a list of the number of guests invited. This will help you to avoid missing invitations and missing party reservations.

Book a wedding party

The next job you need to prepare well is to find a place to prepare for the wedding. To choose the right wedding venue, you should rely on the number of guests. This will avoid finding a venue that is too wide or too tight, affecting the atmosphere of the party. If you do not have experience, please consult relatives and friends.

Marriage registration

After you have completed the tasks mentioned above, let's go to register the marriage together. Marriage registration is extremely important. It not only certifies that two people have become husband and wife, but is also protected by law. Therefore, when coming to the same house, there will be a greater sense of responsibility.

Wedding day is a very important day for couples. For first-time wedding couples, there will be a lot of anxiety and confusion in the preparation stage. If you are wondering what to prepare before the wedding, do not skip the above article. We are sure, you will have the most meaningful and happy wedding day.

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