The hottest beautiful wedding photography studio in 2022

Phim trường chụp ảnh cưới đẹp hot nhất 2022

Taking wedding photos at the studio is the choice of many couples today. Especially the bride and groom are too busy with work. In order to bring beautiful shimmering or beautiful photos, the context of the film sets is more and more beautiful. In addition, there are many different styles to serve customers. So if you don't have the conditions for outdoor wedding photography, this is a very suitable choice. So where is the hottest beautiful wedding photography studio in 2022, you should not miss? The article below, let's find out with The Simple.

What is studio wedding photography?

Film studio wedding photography is certainly no stranger to many couples today. So what is studio wedding photography?

Studio wedding photography is a form of wedding photography supported and performed by a team of professional photographers. Instead of going out, we will shoot right at the set, with the contexts being designed and staged. Compared to outdoor wedding photography, the studio wedding photos are equally beautiful. Not only that, it is also highly artistic and very unique. In particular, the cost of taking photos is also extremely reasonable to help you save money.

Why should you take wedding photos on set?

What are the advantages of studio wedding photography? If you are wondering if you should choose to shoot a wedding at the studio, don't skip it.

  • The cost is cheap because you do not have to pay the cost of renting a car to travel or eat…
  • Taking wedding photos at the studio saves you time. Instead you have to move to many places in different locations. When taking photos of the outdoors, filming wedding photography is the opposite. All the scenes will be staged right in a large space. And you don't have to go far to complete your wedding photo shoot.
  • The filming scene is diverse, including indoor and outdoor scenes. So the bride and groom can freely choose the context.
  • Especially outdoor wedding photography, you will not have to worry about the weather. Rain or shine, it won't affect your shoot.

The most beautiful wedding photography studio today

With the advantages of choosing studio wedding photography, you definitely cannot ignore it. So where is the best wedding photography studio in 2022? If you do not have experience, do not ignore the sharing below.

Saigon Alibaba Film Studio

If you are looking for a Korean-style photo studio? Don't miss the Saigon Alibaba film studio. Built in 2016, Saigon Alibaba is always a hot wedding photography location. And so far there is no sign of slowing down. Background in Saigon Alibaba brings many different colors and styles. So depending on the preferences of the bride, the crew will change the context constantly. That way you will get the best wedding photos.

Endee Garden Studio

Endee Garden is an extremely suitable choice for couples who like simplicity. With the entire garden carpeted and large space. Wedding photography here will give you a feeling of comfort and the most close to nature. Especially, the Korean scene at Endee Garden is also very realistic. Along with that are cute white furry dogs appearing in the wedding frame. So after completing the wedding photo set, you will be extremely satisfied.

Smiley Ville . Studio

Smiley Ville is also one of the beautiful wedding photography studios, you definitely should not miss if you live in Hanoi. This place is known as "miniature Europe". With conept is the classic, romantic, so the context here bears the imprint of Western culture. So couples who like romance, don't miss it. Surely the appearance of ancient castles, your wedding photos will become more impressive.

Happy Land Film Studio

Possessing a large space and close to nature, Happy Land Film Studio is an interesting destination for you. All scenes at Happy Land are always carefully invested and designed. Thereby giving customers the best shooting angles. So if you want to have romantic wedding photos close to nature? Please choose Happy Land right away, to complete your wedding photos.

Notes when choosing studio wedding photography

To get a nice set of wedding photos when taking wedding photos on set, the following notes should be pocketed right away.

  • Find out and choose a beautiful film studio location
  • Looking for new ideas for your wedding photo album?
  • Select studios with natural contexts
  • Do not forget to ask the cost of wedding photography at the film studio.


Where is the most beautiful wedding photography studio today? If you are doing wedding photography for the first time. It will certainly be extremely confusing when faced with so many options. Therefore, to avoid losing money unjustly, do not ignore the locations of the wedding photography studios we shared above. In addition, if you need advice and support on wedding invitations, you can contact The Simple immediately.

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