Suggestions for beautiful poses when taking outdoor wedding photos

Gợi ý những tư thế đẹp khi chụp ảnh cưới ngoại cảnh

A beautiful and eye-catching wedding photography album also depends on many different factors such as the shooting scene, the wedding dress ..., the most important of which is the way the bride and groom pose for wedding photos. Below is a summary and sharing of poses for the best wedding photography below.

Hug from back

Maybe the image of the bride sitting or standing and being hugged by the groom behind is no longer strange. Let your wedding photo be different from everyone else's, the couple can do the opposite, he let her hug from behind to show her love for him and he is also the one who needs to be taken care of and taken care of. love.

Hand in hand pose

This way of posing for outdoor photography, brides and grooms apply very easily. The groom just needs to hold the hand of the bride and the two of them walk together as usual. But when on the day of the wedding photo shoot, the loving couple put on beautiful clothes, tone sur tone as well as make up more carefully and walk in the beautiful natural scenery. For a natural and beautiful photo, don't pay attention to the photographer and walk freely.

Posing chasing

This is also a popular way to pose when taking wedding photos to bring a beautiful set of photos. He could wear a suit, she could wear a bridal gown, but instead of standing next to each other or holding hands, he chased after her, catching her so she wouldn't leave his arms.

Looking in the same direction together

Instead of looking at the camera lens, she rested her head on his shoulder and looked in the same direction with the meaning of the picture that you promise me no matter what life will be, you will always be a support for me and for my family. our family.

Pose with hands

Not letting your hands hang loose is one of the ways to help her and him enhance each other's physique when taking wedding photos in particular and photography in general. She and he should keep their hands away from the body like holding each other's hands, he caressed her hair ... These ways help you pose for a wedding photo that is not dry but also makes the photo much sweeter. .

Pose with a kiss

Wedding photography cannot be complete without the kisses the groom gives to the bride and vice versa. However, to make wedding photos sweeter and more romantic when taking photos with kisses such as cheek kisses, forehead kisses, hand kisses, etc., you also need to pay attention to your posture, standing, and facial expressions of yourself and the other person. .

Make a pose for me to hold you

In the setting of the sunset, the groom holding the bride to take wedding photos will bring beauty and peace to the wedding picture. With a beautiful wedding photography pose is a promise to protect and bring happiness to the bride.

Pose together

Posing the groom sitting next to the bride is also an impressive pose to bring a beautiful and impressive moment. This photo, like the poses above, evokes romance and peace.

Source: Mary