Meaningful songs should be performed on the wedding day

Những bài nhạc ý nghĩa nên thể hiện trong ngày cưới
Music is an indispensable part of every wedding party, whether it's a luxury high-end wedding or just a simple and compact wedding. So choosing the right music and songs for your wedding party is very important for every couple. Marry will suggest you good and meaningful songs at the wedding!

Weddings in Vietnam mainly have 2 main types: traditional weddings and modern style weddings.

wedding music Wedding day music should be in tune with your scene and emotions

1. Traditional wedding music

Traditional weddings are often found in rural areas of our country. The groom's family and the bride's family set up a wedding theater to serve as a place to receive guests and also to celebrate the wedding. A common feature of this type of wedding organization is that the theater, speakers, and the organization are all rented from a third party. Therefore, the bride and groom often have little interference with the sound. However, these services do not always bring satisfaction.

If the wedding ceremony is held in a traditional way, you should also consider negotiating and agreeing with the speaker service provider in advance to avoid awkward situations.

The most popular music in this type of wedding is the old, timeless songs that are loved by adults.

Immortal songs loved by adults

Here is a list of 11 best wedding songs selected by Mary in the traditional wedding style:

  • Dream wedding - Quang Linh
  • People from Chaozhou - Quang Linh
  • Flower boat - Hoai Lam
  • Ask the wife of the Outer City - Giang Truong
  • Cute confession - Ngoc Son
  • Happy wedding day - Viet Quang
  • Happy wedding day - Cam Van Pham & Hoang Ka
  • Happy day - Bang Cuong
  • Couple day - Van Mai Huong
  • Ideal hut - Quoc Khanh & Ha Thanh Xuan
  • Happy wedding day - Ngoc Son

2. Modern wedding music

This wedding style is often the most preferred by urban couples. It is greatly influenced by the West. Weddings are often held in luxurious restaurants, with splendid decorations with flowers and a space filled with light.

The main venue is the restaurant, the biggest advantage of this type of wedding is the modern, flexible equipment, sound, and a wide selection of brides and grooms. In such wedding parties, people often play meaningful young lyrical songs.

wedding music Soft, youthful music is the favorite choice of today's young people

The list of 13 best and most youthful wedding songs that Marry gives below hopes to make you less confused when choosing music for your ceremony:

  • Yes, I do – Bui Anh Tuan & Hien Ho
  • We belong to each other – Dong Nhi
  • More than love – Duc Phuc
  • The most wonderful wife – Vu Duy Khanh
  • I will be the bride – Minh Vuong
  • Your sunshine – Duc Phuc
  • Be my wife – Chi Dan
  • Proposal – Van Mai Huong
  • One house – Da LAB
  • Bride – Ai Phuong
  • With you – Ngoc Dolil X NIB
  • Where love begins – Bui Anh Tuan
  • Hold my hand – Tuan Hung

3. The best foreign wedding music

wedding music Immortal, famous songs are always chosen at weddings

Here is a list of all-time famous foreign songs that are very popular at weddings because of their soft, easy-to-reach tunes:

  • All of Me – John Legend
  • Just the way you are - Bruno Mars
  • Beautiful in white - Westlife
  • Best day of my life – American Authors
  • Let's get married - Yellow Claw
  • How long will I love you - Ellie Goulding
  • Mary Me - Jason Derulo
  • Love to be loved by you - Marc Terenzi
  • From this moment on - Shania Twain
  • Until You - Shayne Ward
  • Everything - Michael Buble
  • Your man - Josh Turner
  • I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
  • I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
  • I do - 911
  • My love - Westlife
  • Nothing gonna change my love for you
  • Take to me your heart - Michael Learns To Rock
  • Sugar – Maroon5

4. The best wedding music without lyrics

Wordless music with melodious, lyrical melodies not only evokes all emotions but also makes every heart sob on your big day. A small note is that you should listen to and remove sad songs before applying.

wedding music The melodious, lyrical music is suitable for all emotional levels

Here is a list of songs without lyrics that you can refer to:

  • Nothing's gonna change my love for you
  • Everything i do do it for you
  • I will always love you
  • Love in dreams
  • Right here waiting for you
  • When you say nothing at all
  • My love
  • Empty seaport
  • A time for us
  • Alice blue eyes
  • I cant stop loving you
  • Missing
  • Scarborough fair
  • I really dont want to know
  • Romance de amour
  • Qianying
  • Yesterday once more
  • Love is blue
  • By my side
  • Long for love
  • Seal with a kiss
  • Brahmss serenade
  • Again
  • How can i tell her
  • Jing zhong go to bed
  • The pray of young girl
  • From the beginning until now
  • Behind you
  • Rockelbel's Canon
  • You Raise Me Up
  • A Thousand Years
  • The Moment
  • You're beautiful
  • This Is What You Came For

Above, Marry has compiled all the best and most popular wedding music genres, we hope to help you with more choices for your wedding.

Source: Mary