Experience in organizing a quick wedding in 1 month

Kinh nghiệm tổ chức đám cưới gấp trong 1 tháng - Thiệp cưới The Simple
Usually, the wedding is usually very thoughtfully prepared, sometimes up to 1 year before the date of the organization. However, there are still some cases that are forced to organize an urgent wedding within just 1 month. So what do you need to prepare? Here is the experience of organizing a quick wedding in 1 month for you to have more information for reference.

Mental preparation

Experience in organizing urgent wedding in 1 month

Wedding is the most important day of a person's life, so it is difficult to avoid anxiety and stress. Not to mention, if it has to be held in just 1 month, everyone's mood will be even more pressured. So this is the time when you need the help of family, friends, and colleagues in preparing simple things like writing cards, choosing flowers, etc. complete and perfect in a wedding. Not everyone has the experience of organizing a wedding within just 1 month, including studios. You can only ask for the necessary things instead of preparing all the things you desire. But don't worry, an urgent wedding does not mean a wedding without joy and happiness.

Get ready for a quick wedding

4 weeks before the wedding date

Experience in organizing urgent wedding in 1 month

The first wedding experience is still planning a reasonable budget and determining the available financial resources. Besides, you should proceed to choose a beautiful day to hold the wedding. The next work you need to prepare is to write the wedding invitation in a complete and detailed way. Choose where the wedding will take place. Determine the number of new guests attending to work with the restaurant. Choose to buy gifts for the bride such as gold, wedding rings, necessary items for the bride to return to her husband's house. If you decide to hold your wedding at home, be careful in choosing the right dish. Food is hygienic, safe and quality. Please order food in accordance with the number of guests to attend, avoid overbooking causing waste. Consult a wedding photography location to choose the right choice for the shooting style you want. You should prefer to choose package services to save costs as well as easier to control. After you have done all the steps, send the wedding card and inform all your friends and relatives about your wedding date.

2-3 weeks before the wedding date

Experience in organizing urgent wedding in 1 month

Next, you will order the services in organizing the wedding: from fruit tray, wedding decoration, wedding gate, photography, transportation for the bride and groom and relatives on both sides... Go try and choose Buy a wedding ring, prepare the wedding room. Prepare costumes for parents on both sides of the bride and groom. As for the matter of registration, it should be done as soon as possible., It is necessary for the bride to always be radiant and gorgeous on the wedding day is to try to go to the spa to take care of her skin and hair.

1 week before the wedding date

Experience in organizing urgent wedding in 1 month

Urgent wedding planning experience

Check the sending of invitations to see if there are any missing people. Select photos taken in the album to display at the wedding. You should spend a lot of time trying on wedding dresses because if you just look without trying, it will be difficult to choose a suitable and suitable wedding dress. Don't forget to remind the booked services to get ready for the wedding day. 2 days before the wedding day, it is necessary to clean the house and decorate it carefully. Double-check the housework one last time to make sure the house prep is done. During the time of rushing to prepare and busy with a lot of work, the bride and groom still have to try to stay healthy, eat well, go to bed on time. Limiting staying up late, stress will affect the appearance on the day of the wedding.

wedding preparation in 1 month

However, a quick and effortless option is to contact wedding planning services. You just need to make a request, these services will try to take care of you within 1 month. This is the experience of organizing a wedding in just 1 month for urgent wedding couples. You can refer to it so that you can enjoy your big day to the fullest.

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