What is the wedding season in Vietnam? What's interesting?

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The last months of the year are considered the wedding season in Vietnam, because this is the time when many people hold wedding ceremonies. If you are wondering about what month of the year is the wedding season, please follow our following article!

1. What is the wedding season of the year?

Marriage is an important event in a person's life, so couples always choose the most appropriate time to hold their wedding. There is a time of the year called the wedding season, because this is the time most couples choose to conduct their rituals. What month is the wedding season?

According to our forefathers, the wedding season usually starts in the fall and lasts until the end of spring next year (ie, from the 8th lunar month to the end of February next year). This is considered a cool and free time to hold a wedding ceremony. Thereby, you can already know which month the wedding season starts from.

What is the wedding season in Vietnam?

That's not to say that other months aren't beautiful for a wedding. Which most the wedding are all focused on that time, so it is called the wedding season.

However, nowadays people don't care what month the wedding season is. Instead, every month can conduct a wedding ceremony, as long as the day is beautiful and convenient for the two families.

The current wedding season runs through all four seasons, not particularly interested in the wedding season, but the peak time is still in the autumn months, at this time the weather is especially favorable. Moreover, in agricultural places, around this time the farm work is done, families have more time to attend the wedding ceremony.

Other seasons of the year such as spring, winter or summer can still take place, but not as much as autumn. Although the weather is not so ideal, it is still possible to organize if the families of both sides see it suitable.

When is the wedding season in Vietnam usually?

2. Interesting things about choosing a wedding time in Vietnam

Not only choose auspicious days to hold a wedding ceremony. Choosing a wedding date in Vietnam also has the following extremely interesting things:

- In the Southwest region, most weddings will be held in January, but many places in the Central region consider this a taboo. People in the Central region think that January should not hold a wedding, because January is the first month of a year, things are not stable, there is a lot of work, so it is not suitable to hold a wedding ceremony.

interesting in the wedding season in Vietnam

Weddings are usually held on weekends like Saturday and Sunday. Because this is a holiday, it helps to create conditions for guests to attend the wedding ceremony more fully.

- The wedding ceremony will not be held in the 7th lunar month, because according to the Vietnamese concept, this is a bad month. This comes from the legend of Nguu Lang - Chuc Nu, July is a rainy month, associated with a sad love story, this is the month of separation and separation, so there is absolutely no wedding ceremony on this day. this month. Moreover, July is also considered a ghost month, so it is not a good month to organize a wedding ceremony.

- Wedding ceremonies in the past were quite complicated and cumbersome. Today, the wedding ceremony is much more modern and simple, but still ensures the same fine rituals and customs as traditional.

Along with choosing a good day for themselves, couples need to pay attention to prepare all the necessary things for a wedding such as: booking a wedding party, taking wedding photos, renting a car, shopping, booking card,...

Hope the following information has helped you know wedding season in vietnam at what time and why at that time. Hope it also helps you to choose the best and most suitable wedding time of the year for the big day of your life.

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