Wishing peace to go to every alley, knocking door to door

Mong bình yên đi từng ngõ, gõ cửa từng nhà - Thiệp cưới The Simple

TTO - That is the wish of the couple, young doctors Nguyen Van Thanh Duoc (29 years old) and Du Le Thanh Xuan (28 years old), currently working at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mong bình yên đi từng ngõ, gõ cửa từng nhà - Ảnh 1.

Young doctor couple Nguyen Van Thanh Duoc and Du Le Thanh Xuan hope to go to each alley in peace, knock on the door from door to door - Photo: DUYEN PHAN

Those shares come from the days when they temporarily put their personal happiness behind, to devote their full time and energy to fighting the epidemic.

"Challenges make us appreciate each other more"

Having known each other in the initial class at the hospital, Xuan's impression of class president Duoc was a caring, dedicated and very skillful person. After 2 years of knowing each other, Xuan is sure that this is the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

As expected, the wedding of the "lover" will take place in April 2020, but the COVID-19 epidemic suddenly hit, their plan did not come true. The two decided to postpone the wedding to go to the frontline against the epidemic together.

"We are both in the medical profession, so we anticipated the epidemic situation and decided to postpone the wedding early. Although the plans fell through, this incident was like a challenge that made us understand and appreciate each other more.

A great event in a person's life that falls into the situation that the country is struggling to fight the epidemic, it is sometimes lucky to postpone it." - Laughing and confiding.

Xuan said that at that time, the two were very eager to plan the wedding party, set up dance exercises, and the feeling that everything stopped suddenly was really disappointing. Her fiancé alone has both encouraged her spirit and worried about moving the contract with many parties related to the wedding.

But her sadness did not last long, and the next day, she was informed to join the anti-epidemic group. After that, she revolved around work every day, so she forgot her sadness when it was not good.

When the first outbreak subsided, it was time for both to think about privacy. The decision to reschedule the wedding is also difficult, if done too soon, people will not be stable after the epidemic, if you work late, you will worry about when to move, but just sew a decent wedding and cozy is also organized at the end of July.

Take off your wedding dress and put on protective gear

The day Duoc and Xuan's wedding was held is also the day the epidemic returned, exactly 2 days after the wedding. The joy was not complete, the two continued to put on protective clothing.

A week, both work alternately 5-6 nights, the time for each other is almost no. The dinners that were cooked together, enjoyed together, cleaned together, then watched a movie imagined before the wedding day suddenly became priceless moments. The most fortunate thing is that working together in the medical field, both can sympathize with each other's difficulties, understand and share each other's work.

Fortunately, when they are both infectious disease doctors, they can also support each other, when he is tired, she can shoulder the burden for him. Can and Xuan confided that with their medical career, they learned to cherish every precious moment together.

"Many people ask me if I've just been married and live together so little. How can I feel sorry for myself when after a hard night's work, when I get home, I see a cup of hot porridge he's prepared before entering the shift, That's more than enough for me," said Xuan.

Then the peaceful days will return

The young couple's wish "then the peaceful days will return" also gradually became a reality when they had just finished a long series of days taking care of positive cases at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City.

On the afternoon of August 31, the last 5 patients up to now have been discharged from the hospital after being treated at the hospital, which further strengthens the belief that the normal rhythm of life will soon return.

"There was a period when the patient turned bad, the doctor on duty sat almost all the time in the isolation room to monitor, it seemed that we could not keep them alive, everyone was desperate.

I remember there were days when I just had to say hello to my husband and have to wear a protective gown to the isolation room with the patient. But fortunately a miracle happened to them. It's like a gift, a great motivation to give us strength" - Xuan confided.

Then "contemplating" through her special wedding, through the days of being married to a husband and wife, Xuan shared that every day we are comfortable walking on the street, not always with a car. masks, children are happy to go to school, grandmothers and sisters are chirping in the market, go shopping ... perhaps something that she and many people previously did not pay much attention to. All take it for granted.

But after the pandemic, we can see how precious the peaceful days and simple things are.

Author: Duyen Phan