Precise wedding budget for a Vietnamese couple

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Surely every couple wants their big day to go smoothly and completely. The wedding budget table below will help couples somewhat visualize the overall cost of a wedding!

To prepare for the big day, the couples partly know the "huge" cost they need to spend. If not plan Specifically, the cost of your wedding may increase unexpectedly. The wedding budget table below will help couples relieve this anxiety.

Make a detailed list of items

Items that need to be spent in the wedding, if not clearly listed, are likely to be missed. The two of you should take the time to calculate exactly what is important to spend. At the same time, you can also ask for the advice of your predecessors such as parents, siblings, friends to get the best advice.

Budget table for wedding 1 Ladies, let's make a detailed plan with your partner for the wedding category
A wedding usually prepares basic wedding items such as wedding costumes, hair styling - makeup for the bride and her family (mother of the bride, mother of the groom, bridesmaids...), decoration of the happy day space, betrothal, photography, videography, pages. jewelry, invitation cards, flower cars, hand-held flowers, wedding restaurants and some other arising items.

Market cost survey

Referring to the market price is a wedding planning stage that the two of you cannot ignore. This will help couples know exactly how much an average wedding costs. From there, you will have a way to tighten the wedding budget table to avoid heavy "capital loss" after the happy day. With the development of technology, today's bride and groom can sit at home to check and compare the quotes of each supplier. If you want to get a real experience for the items of the party venue, wedding dress, makeup..., you can also come to the place to check the quality and make the right decision.  Budget table for the wedding 2 Usually, you should consult at least 3 different suppliers to get the most accurate overview. You can also ask for the help of relatives and friends in this wedding planning stage to save time preparing for other items.

Prepare a budget for the wedding

After surveying the market price, let's work together to create a specific cost table. Because only when there are clear categories and expenses to spend, the girls and the fiancé will not face the situation of expenses being capitalized. At the same time, you should avoid choosing items such as wedding flowers, menus... out of season. This could inadvertently double or triple your wedding costs. In addition, you should consult the newlyweds to get a suitable solution for the costs incurred. Unintended. The wedding budget table below is for reference only, ladies. elegant wedding dress 4

What to keep in mind when budgeting for a wedding?

In addition to the wedding category statistics, refer to the market price, the couples need to keep the following things in mind when planning the wedding cost together. Budget table for the wedding 3

  • Each item of preparation has a different price, the difference is also quite large. Therefore, you should rely on the economic conditions of both to make the right choice.
  • Budgeting will not help you diagnose the actual cost 100% correctly. Sometimes, unexpected situations arise such as a higher number of guests than expected, forcing you to prepare an extra table. Therefore, when budgeting, couples should have a backup expense category.
  • If you do not have much experience in budgeting, you can also ask the help of relatives and friends to get advice.
  • Couples when surveying prices should also choose reputable, long-term suppliers in the wedding industry. This will limit the case that you are "hacked" with an unbelievable price.

In order for the happy day to go smoothly, making a wedding budget is an indispensable preparation step. Wish the bride and groom will fully enjoy the joy on the most important day of their lives.

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