Pink wedding card: The tone of happiness

Thiệp cưới màu hồng: Tông màu của hạnh phúc

Pink is always a fresh and energetic color that makes people feel comfortable. Pink wedding invitations are always in the forefront of trends along with the traditional red.

But in addition to the above advantages, pink if the design is not delicate, it is easy to be "cheesy" and quickly outdated. A beautiful wedding card must harmonize the elements of color, texture, layout and "poetry" to create that deep meaning.

The card template called Tulip with the main motif is the Tulip flower and the delicate layout design makes the card even more simple, but still profound.

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The large and small roses with the natural pink colors of the Rosa card will make those who love this flower "touched".

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With this Sweet Heart card template, this truly Western color pattern will make your card leave an unforgettable impression in the hearts of your guests.

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Class and solemnity are two adjectives to describe the creatively designed cards with delicate rose gold foil and foil.

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Pink followers can't miss the Blush Pink card template, a pink color that The Simple had to research the perfect formula to perfect a "love at first sight" work.

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A bunch of gentle roses printed on the inside of the card will make the guests impressed and love your wedding card!

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With many years of experience in the field of wedding invitations, as well as the refinement and learning of creative styles. The Simple is always confident to bring the most beautiful, creative and quality wedding cards to serve your happiest day.

Source: Katy - The Simple