Hand-painted folk wedding invitations: Preserving the old features

Thiệp cưới dân gian vẽ tay: Lưu giữ những nét xưa

Historical things are worthy of respect and honor. The wedding culture of the Vietnamese people shows the quintessence of the national ceremony. I love the time when grandparents, whether difficult or full, were all decent enough for a meaningful and cozy wedding day.

The wedding card preserves the quintessence of the past and present

Entering the digital age does not mean we forget the good things of the past. And the more we have to preserve and promote those traditional values. Wedding is an important matter in a person's life, the wedding card can't be used lightly, but it must be taken care of, which is the sincere intention that the bride-in-law couples send to their dear guests.

With the knowledge of cultural history as well as the care and diligence of The Simple wedding invitation team and the talented young arstist, we have launched a Collection of 9 hand-painted Wedding Invitation Templates titled "" A day and a hundred years" recreates the culture and costumes through each period of Vietnamese history.


Under the Nguyen Dynasty, in addition to the ao dai used as a wedding dress, the "couple shirt" was also widely used. "Couple shirt" is a custom indicating the "full couple" in the wedding ceremony, in the past in Gia Dinh area, there was a time when the bride and groom in addition to "couple shirt" also wore "pair pants". A double shirt means a double-breasted shirt, the bride uses a pink brocade shirt, the groom uses a blue brocade lining with a small word "shou" woven (the large word longevity is only used for the elderly). The ao dai worn by the bride and groom outside is called a robe.

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THE YEARS 1920 - 1930

In the 1920s and 1930s, in the northern cities, the bride wore an Ao Dai with a tie. Or the outside is a dark shirt, inside is a pink or blue shirt. Or can also be worn outside is a black satin tunic. Inside, Co O white silk Ao Dai. Wear black satin or trousers. Bead-embroidered comedy feet or curved clogs. Wearing a black velvet scarf, wearing ruffled sleeves, and a gold necklace around her neck.

The groom wears a dark shirt, on the background of a white long dress inside. White pants, leather pants, Gia Dinh shoes, turban. When the red silk ceremony, church ceremony, they wear blue robes.

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PHASE 1945 - 1954

During this period, "Have fun, don't forget the mission" is a slogan never forgotten by all Vietnamese people. Weddings are usually held with the head, or superior, who is the master of the marriage.

People who are officials, or people in the countryside also have their own wedding dress. Accordingly, the bride often wears a white shirt or a white blouse or a shirt, black pants, and new sandals. The groom wears a new shirt, casual pants, shoes or sandals, sometimes even plastic sandals. For those who walk in the army, they can wear the whole dress on the wedding day. Officers sometimes wear big clothes and neatly combed hair.

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PHASE 1954 - 1975

Weddings at this time were held simply according to the new life, suitable to the circumstances of each place. The wedding dress is also so that it is not much different from the usual clothes, just new clothes instead of using clothes that have been worn before.

In urban areas, brides wear white ao dai or light, pale colors. White pants, high heels are commonly used. In the hands of the bride also appeared gladiolus bouquets. Non-goat or combed hair, hairpins were the trend at that time. Face is made up with blush, lipstick. The groom wears a suit, tie and western shoes.

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Later, due to social changes and the penetration of Western culture into Vietnam, there were changes in the lifestyle of Vietnamese people. Speaking of costumes, jewelry as well as makeup, the North has absorbed some forms of European makeup.

The bride wears makeup with lipstick, adds a chiffon white rose on her left breast, and holds a bouquet of gladiolus flowers in her hand, symbolizing chastity. At the same time, the hand-held bouquet is also a beauty accessory for the wedding dress.

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Since 1975, the country has been unified, cultural exchanges have been expanded. Especially in the years 1980 - 1981, due to the influence of fashion from Europe and America, at the wedding, some brides in the cities of the South and the North wore white or yellow one-piece dresses. The feature of this dress is that it has pleats at the arms, at the chest, and the skirt is wide, reaching past the heel. There is a dress from the waist to the hem divided into many categories with compartments with names, called three-piece skirts or five-tiered skirts. There are also long wedding dresses with many lines, cut at the chest and waist. The brides wear these dresses combined with white high heels, wearing thin gloves. As for jewelry, they wear necklaces of diamonds or imitation diamonds or sparkling sapphires around their necks on the day of the wedding procession. Goat hair is a popular hairstyle. Brides with long hair do fake cones. There are also hairstyles that curl into nine long bud called Angle buds that hang down around the head.

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PERIOD 1986 - 2000

The costumes of the bride and groom have been cared for and invested more.

The front hair is tied with a white cloth garland or combed high, with fringed beads hanging down the sides of the temple and in the middle of the forehead, an additional white chiffon scarf on the head. When giving the bride, a bride pulled down a towel to cover her face. Face makeup bold lipstick. Many people apply double eyeliner, blue eyelids, and long and curved false eyelashes. Holding a bouquet of white gladiolus flowers in her hands, there is also a long white rose string to her feet. All make the bride different and stand out among the bridesmaids. The groom wears a beige suit or a dark plaid suit, and can also wear a shirt if the wedding is held in the summer, the weather is hot. In addition, the groom also wore a tie with colorful flowers and shiny black leather shoes. In particular, the groom also has a white rose in his bra pocket to differentiate himself from the groomsmen.

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YEAR 2000

Life has changed a lot in the direction of more modernity, the wedding customs of the Vietnamese people are also simplified and simpler. The wedding costumes are also much improved compared to before.

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At the present time, in addition to the Western wedding dresses, I still see many Ao Dai, ao dai and Nhat Binh shirt appearing on this great day of modern young people. I think this is really a good sign for the future of Vietnamese traditional costumes, right?

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The "wedding card" will be like a diary to keep the stories told to children and grandchildren about the day their grandparents became married.

One day and one hundred years
Also because of the Charm of that time
Let Tu Tu Tu look forward in the morning and wait for the afternoon
Fall in love with a smile
Ask Vuong for a lifetime in the future
A couple of words I want to say to Him
The Love has been shown just waiting for the One who likes it
Humanity is cleverly chosen by God
Life partner unites a couple that never leaves
Oh honey! two lovely voices
One day and a hundred years of love.

Source: Katy - The Simple