Suspicious spiritual factors when taking pictures of the bride and groom's gate need attention

Yếu tố tâm linh đáng ngờ khi chụp hình cổng dâu rể cần chú ý

Wedding is one of the important milestones in a person's life, that's why grandparents are often very careful in the wedding process. Accordingly, when taking pictures of the gate, couples should not ignore the spiritual factors that need to be avoided in order to lead a happy and sustainable marriage.

To avoid bad luck and bad luck, please refer to the spiritual issues mentioned in the article below!

What is wedding gate photography?

Wedding gate photography is a type of wedding photography taking a close-up distance. The feature of this type of shooting is that it only focuses on the bride and groom and will not have any external surroundings. Depending on preferences, the bride and groom can take the whole body or half of the body. Compared to the album photos, the image for the gate will be larger in size. And often chosen carefully by couples to place outside the gate - the place to receive guests in and out of the wedding party.

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Currently, there are many different types of gate photography for you to choose from. Besides the vertical gate shape, the horizontal gate shape also has the traditional or modern gate shape. Therefore, you want to get the perfect frames for your wedding day. Please choose based on your preferences.

Spiritual factors when taking photos of the wedding gate you should not ignore

Wedding photography is the work you need to prepare before the wedding ceremony takes place. A beautiful photo will capture the happiest moments of the bride and groom. However, sometimes we often focus on factors such as dress, style ... but forget some taboos when taking wedding photos. Therefore, if you do not want to have bad luck, do not ignore the following spiritual factors.

Shooting location

Most couples often love taking wedding photos close to nature. Because it will give you the most natural looking frames. However, if you come across scenes with old trees or empty old houses, please pay attention to avoid them. Because many people believe that these places are often very sacred. So if you accidentally stand next to it, you will violate taboo. So no luck.

Time to take pictures

Normally, couples will take photos 2 to 3 months before the wedding day. This will help you not be too rushed when the wedding day approaches. You can also choose the photo you like best. So do wedding photography need to see the date? With the old concept, choosing a new beautiful day to take photos is very necessary. It will make you rest assured that nothing unnecessary happens. Or maybe bad luck later.

For modern couples, choosing a date to take photos of the gate also helps the bride and groom to easily arrange their work, have a comfortable time to confidently take pictures and create the best photo shoots.

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Costume color

In addition to choosing wedding dress according to your preferences, there are also feng shui colors. Because some couples believe that it will bring good luck and help the couple live together happily. So you want to choose the right outfit color. We will choose based on the age of the couple.

Gate shape material

After getting a satisfactory picture, the next thing the bride and groom need to do is choose the material to make the picture. Most couples will avoid choosing fragile materials such as crystal or glass. Because the ancients believed that a broken gate would predict unlucky things such as unhappy spouses or separation, difficult married life, confusion, etc. Therefore, please note this. Please.

Hanging feng shui wedding photos

Hanging wedding photos in a suitable position and ensuring the feng shui element is a matter of concern for many couples. So when you hang wedding photos in the bedroom, choose the position to the left of the bed. Because this is a position with good feng shui and helps the couple understand and live happier. Absolutely you should not hang pictures on the right side of the bed, because this is a bad position. It can affect the harmony of the couple. That leads to quarrels, conflicts…

Wedding is a very important day for the bride and groom. Therefore, in addition to choosing a good wedding date, suitable for age, it is also necessary to avoid violating taboos. Some taboos when taking photos of the wedding gate we shared above couples do not ignore.

However, the spiritual element is also for reference only. So you can consider to avoid depending on the specific case. Because happiness doesn't just depend on how you limit yourself from doing taboos, but also depends a lot on the love and trust of two people. At the same time, understanding and sharing, living skills help both to understand each other better for long-term harmony.

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