Note when choosing materials to print photos of the bride and groom's gate should not be ignored if you want to be happy

Lưu ý khi chọn chất liệu in ảnh cổng dâu rể không nên bỏ qua nếu muốn hạnh phúc

Note when choosing materials to print photos of the bride and groom's gate should not be ignored if you want to be happy

Wedding day is one of the most important events for the bride and groom. It is a milestone, marking a new turning point for couples. From now on, they will officially return to the same house and build a family of their own. For a wedding to go smoothly, planning all the preparations that need to be done is very important. In addition to making a list of new guests, choosing a wedding venue… there are also wedding photography.

In addition to choosing the right frame size, the material is a factor you should not ignore. So what should you pay attention to when choosing the material for printing photos of the bride and groom's gate? In the following article, let's find out with The Simple.

The meaning of the wedding gate photo

Wedding gate photos are definitely indispensable for the wedding ceremony. They are often left right in front of the wedding gate or the restaurant lobby where the wedding is held. And you can easily recognize them, as soon as you arrive at the wedding venue. So what is the purpose of printing the bride's gate photo?

  • Help guests get more information about the bride and groom. Or identify the area where the wedding ceremony of the bride and groom invited them (in case the venue holds many weddings at the same time)
  • Not only that, the wedding gate photo is also a detail that contributes to the beauty of the wedding space. In addition, it also creates an important mark to help guests easily recognize the venue of the event.

Therefore, choosing and printing a beautiful bride and groom gate is extremely important. You need to plan and prepare it carefully to avoid sketchy. A large photo to a beautiful gate will help your wedding party become more perfect.

The materials for printing photos of the bride and groom's gate are currently on the market

Currently, the materials used to print photos of the bride and groom are very diverse. Depending on the type, there will be different outstanding advantages. So, if you are wondering which material to choose? Do not ignore our suggestions below.

  • Photo pressed wood silk
(Source: Collector)
  • Mica wood pressed photo
(Source: Collector)
  • Crystal mirror photo


  • Picture made of canvas material


Above are the materials to print photos of the bride and groom's gate that are chosen by many couples. When you have a need to take wedding photos for the portal to refer to.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the material for printing the bride-in-law's gate?

It is very important to prepare everything necessary for a wedding ceremony, especially printing wedding photos. In addition to choosing beautiful, satisfactory photos and appropriate frame sizes. Please note the following things when choosing the material for printing the bride's gate photo.

Do not choose fragile wedding gate photo materials

According to the opinion of the forerunners, if the wedding photo is broken, it is extremely unlucky. It is a prediction for a broken and unhappy marriage in the future. So, please keep this in mind when choosing the material used to print wedding photos. Absolutely we should not choose the wedding gate photo material of glass or made of crystal material. Because these materials, when hit or dropped, will quickly break. And when it breaks, it's not only dangerous, it's also unlucky.

Do not choose too poor photo printing materials

Wedding photos after the end of the event will be taken home to hang as a souvenir. Therefore, choosing good quality photo printing materials is extremely important. Because after a period of use under the influence of the environment, humidity. If the photo print quality is too poor, the wedding photos can be damaged very quickly. This not only degrades the photo that holds your memories. In addition, damaged wedding photos are also an omen of bad luck.

To have a happy married life, husband and wife must have mutual understanding, tolerance and sharing. Along with that, choosing the material for printing photos to the gate is also very important. Therefore, to avoid unfortunate things happening, please note the above sharing. If you do not have experience, ask for the advice of a quality wedding photo printing service provider.


A beautiful photo of the bride and groom's gate will help guests make a more impression on your wedding ceremony. Therefore, the wedding photography and choosing the right photo is extremely important. At the same time, you also need to invest in the best gate photo printing material to avoid unexpected problems that may occur. Please keep in mind the notes when choosing the material to print the bride's gate photo that we shared above. Or contact The Simple to share more details!

Source: Collector