3 reasons to choose Nhat Binh Ao Dai - Ao Tat as a wedding dress

3 lý do nên chọn áo dài Nhật Bình - Áo Tất làm trang phục cưới - Thiệp cưới The Simple

Nhat Binh is a traditional noble shirt for post-concubines of the Nguyen Dynasty that only the Qin rank and above can wear. It can be said that Nhat Binh has a beauty full of nobility, put on Nhat Binh, the wearer exudes a graceful, beautiful but still no less temperament. Ao Tac helps the groom to be more harmonious and luxurious when paired with the bride wearing Nhat Binh Ao Dai.

Photo of a couple wearing Nhat Binh Ao Dai and Tac Ao Dai at the wedding ceremony Photo: TuArt Wedding

1. Preserving tradition:
Nhat Binh Ao Dai, Tac Ao Dai is a landmark in cultural life. A restored costume after 60 years of being lost in Vietnamese life. One can only see it when visiting the imperial mausoleum in Hue or the Hue Festival event. According to the Kham Dinh Dai Nam festival, Nhat Binh and Tac clothes are prescribed as casual clothes for concubines and princesses. After the Nguyen Dynasty ended, this dress became the formal dress of the nobility to be worn on a number of occasions and especially on wedding days.

Photo: TuArt Wedding

Besides Nhat Binh, Ao Tac is also a type of Vietnamese ancient costume standing with five bodies, wide arms, both men and women can wear it. In the Nguyen Dynasty, most classes from the people to the sovereign could choose Ao Tac to wear on formal occasions, especially on the wedding day.

Photo: TuArt Wedding

In addition, the cultural beauty of Hue Citadel is also preserved, which has long been known for many festivals bearing the imprint of cultural identity. Therefore, this is the ideal place to create a "lifetime" photo series with Vietnamese antiques. This is also a great way for young people to show their appreciation for the cultural values ​​of their home country. A small job but can contribute to the transmission of noble traditional values ​​to other people. next generation.

2. Novelty in wedding dress:
We seem to be so familiar with the wedding dress styles in recent years. Couples often wear Western, Chinese and Korean costumes.... Therefore, when couples choose Nhat Binh Ao Dai - Tac Ao Dai as a wedding dress, it is like a new feature for the wedding ceremony. Young people always love novelty, this is an attractive choice.

3. Elegant and sophisticated design:
Nhat Binh's shirt is derived from the Minh's Doi Kham Phi Phong shirt, which is the form of the Thoi Kham shirt with a large rectangular neck, using two straps to tie the shirt. Due to the pattern in the collar when put together to form a rectangle right in front of the wearer's chest, this shirt is called Nhat Binh shirt. The whole body of the shirt is decorated in the form of a closed circle, scattered throughout the shirt, interwoven with dancing phoenixes, flowers and glittering beads. In particular, on the sleeve, there is also a strip of five colors: green, yellow, blue, white, red, representing the five elements.

Photo: V'Style (Nhat Binh shirt)

Besides, the Tac shirt is a five-piece shirt with long sleeves, worn with long pants, the reason it is called Tac shirt because the hem is exactly one inch wide. This is a traditional costume of our Vietnamese people, often used for both men and women.

Photo: TuArt Wedding

Nhat Binh Ao Dai - Ao Tat as a typical traditional culture of our nation. If on the big day of your life, you are still wondering to choose for yourself a beautiful, luxurious and different wedding outfit. So don't hesitate to put on this outfit!

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