When is the right time to send wedding invitations?

Thời điểm để gửi thiệp cưới hợp lý là khi nào? - Thiệp cưới The Simple

Choosing a time that is neither too late nor too early is important for your guests to schedule your wedding reception. So how long before wedding invitation is appropriate?

1. Do not send wedding invitations too early or too late.

The best time to send wedding invitations is 7 to 10 days before the wedding. If you send it earlier than 10 days, it is easy for guests to forget in the midst of the hustle and bustle and not come to your wedding. You also can't call every few days to remind guests to come to your wedding, right? On the contrary, you should also not send the wedding invitation too late within 3-5 days before the wedding, it will make it very difficult for the guests to arrange work and time to come and have fun with you. And this is really bad, isn't it?

2. Classify guests according to relationships to send cards.

The division of guests based on their relationship with their families will make sending cards easier. You can divide guests into groups of guests who are family members, business friends, friends of parents on both sides or colleagues, friends of the two of you. According to the principle of everyone invited, everything will become much easier and the guests will also feel happy and comfortable to arrange to attend your happy day.

With VIP group of guests: You should give cards in person, limiting the situation of sending cards through intermediaries. Sending cards directly also helps guests remember more about you and your wedding. In this group of VIP guests, you should also divide into two groups: One group only needs to send the card in person, the other group needs to be informed and share information before inviting the card (share your intentions about marriage, planning, etc.) wedding planning, time of marriage, etc.). Depending on the audience and the level of the relationship, you can talk face-to-face or “word of mouth communication”. Particularly for close colleagues, you can give information about the wedding before giving the official card through daily conversations at work, lunch break, going out, etc.

3. Flexibility in the form of sending cards

If in the past, people often said that sending wedding invitations had to be delivered to the invitee, today, in the era of information technology development, everything can be resolved in a simpler way.

However, if the guests are far away, are modern young people, or are close friends of the bride and groom, in addition to sending cards by post, the two of you can also take advantage of social networks. , accompanied by a phone call with an earnest message, believe that no friend will be bothered by receiving such a cute wedding invitation.

Choosing the right time to send your wedding invitations, neither too far nor too close, dividing guests and being flexible in the form of sending invitations are the notes I want to remind you to help you breathe easier in the days of preparation. Weddings are so busy. And no matter what format you choose, you still have to remember to always keep a warm attitude and show sincerity that will make your guests feel very happy and look forward to the day they can attend the wedding. It's your wedding.

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