How to apply makeup for a round-faced bride to look beautiful?

Cách trang điểm cho cô dâu mặt tròn để lên hình đẹp?

Any bride wants to be the most beautiful when she is on the screen and make an impression on her wedding day. Therefore, a delicate face, high nose shape and V-line chin will be an advantage for you. So what if you unfortunately have a round face? How to make your face slimmer?

In the following article, we will share how to make up for a round-faced bride to look the best. For the bride who owns a full moon, please take a few minutes to refer to the right makeup style for you.

Contour and highlight
Contouring and highlighting is one of the first tips, so you can turn your round face into a V-line. The method is quite simple, you just need to focus on the cheeks and bridge of the nose.
To make the face more compact, you should use foundation with light and dark colors during the contouring process. These are two colors that can help you quickly create angular lines for the face. This can deceive the viewer. Next, use a darker shade than the foundation color. And proceed to lightly blend around the face contour. Remember to carefully brush the jawline and the sides of the cheekbones.

Eye makeup
If the bride has a round face, the makeup of the eyes is very important. To help the eyes look more natural, we will use a little primer and concealer on the eyelid area. Be careful not to apply too much cream, just a thin layer.
In addition, we should only choose eye makeup with light brown or dark brown tones… It will make the eyes more attractive. This will help the bride's eyes look brighter and rounder. So what if the bride has a round face with one eyelid? To solve the problem, you just need to use more false eyelids or wear more lenses.

Apply blush
How should a bride with a round face apply blush to her cheeks? If you want to change your face to become slimmer. Remember to apply blush from the highest point of the cheekbone towards the temple. In this way, you will help the bride's cheekbones be pulled higher. Not only that, too round face defects will be improved.
However, in the process of applying blush, you should rely on your skin color to choose the right blush color. For brides with white skin color should choose light pink. In contrast to dark skin, brick red is extremely suitable.

Nose makeup
The face will become more delicate and neat, if you have a high nose bridge. Therefore, nose makeup is an indispensable part of makeup for a bride with a round face.
So how to do? First, spread the highlighter evenly between the nose and the sides of the nose. Once done to create depth for the face, you will apply the powder and the corner of the eye below the eyebrow.

Choose lipstick color
For brides with round faces, choosing light, fresh lipstick colors will help the face look fresher and more radiant. So there are too many options to choose from. Colors such as light brown, earthy orange, peach pink... don't miss it.
On the other hand, to correct defects for the face. Let's create glossy lips with matte lipstick. This is the secret to drawing all eyes to the center of your face. Thanks to that, you can blur your chubby cheeks, your weaknesses. This is the makeup for round-faced brides, you should pocket right away.

Choose the right hairstyle
A good photo is not only the face but also the hairstyle and the right outfit to go with it. Therefore, choosing a hairstyle that matches your face is a certain thing that cannot be ignored. Therefore, when applying makeup for a round-faced bride, be careful.
• For short-haired round-faced brides, you should choose a bun or slightly curled hair to let it loose naturally. Absolutely we should not let our hair straighten or make small curls. Because it will make your face look more plump.
• For brides with round faces and small bodies, we should choose high bun hairstyles. At the same time, in the process of doing your hair, make a little loose hair hanging down the sides. It will help the bride's face more elegant.

Identify accessories
Choosing the right accessories for the bride after makeup will help the bride look more beautiful. In particular, it also helps the bride's face to be less round. Therefore, the angular, long or drooping jewelry designs are extremely reasonable. Also hair accessories should be as less detailed as possible.

Above is how to make up for a round-faced bride to look beautiful? Therefore, if you are confused about what to do when your face is too round, please refer to it. We are sure that you will have the best wedding photos for the most important day of your life. In addition, if you need advice and support, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.