Collection of beautiful wedding invitation templates to catch the hottest trend

Tổng hợp các mẫu thiệp cưới đẹp bắt trend hot nhất

Wedding invitations are not only used to announce happiness, but also express the joy of the bride and groom to the guests. Therefore, choosing a wedding card that is both beautiful and trendy is what any couple wants. So, in front of so many wedding invitation templates today, which card should you choose? In the following article, we will share with you the most beautiful and impressive wedding invitation templates. So if you are having a hard time choosing, put your pocket right away.

Beautiful wedding card template with romantic window folding

If you are wondering which wedding invitation template to send to your guests, do not ignore this unique card template. Romantic window folding wedding invitations with many different designs. In addition to the bow tie style, the ribbon tie also has a wax seal… So giving you many choices. This card is the latest "hot trend" of this year's wedding season. Guests will be delighted to open the window slightly to see the information. And eagerly waiting for the wedding day to take place to attend and enjoy with the bride and groom.

Air ticket style wedding card

Airplane wedding invitation design is also one of the great choices for couples. Not only eye-catching design, as unique as a ticket to fly. The card also has an interesting meaning. It is the desire of couples to go here and there together. At the same time spend happy and new days together. Currently, wedding invitations printed with airline tickets are chosen by many young people and are considered a new hot trend. So if you are looking for a beautiful and unique card template, don't miss it.

Vintage wedding invitation template

Although appearing very early, so far the Vintage wedding invitation template has not lost its hotness. Vintage style wedding invitations are very modern and beautiful, because of the gentle colors bearing the stamp of time. Thanks to the use of glossy, beautiful paper, it exudes a luxurious and aristocratic beauty. Besides to create a highlight for the card. People also use accessories such as grass ropes or ribbons… So this is one of the beautiful wedding invitation templates you should choose.

Wedding card template with embossed motifs

A beautiful and novel card will bring the recipient many surprises. Not only that, but also extremely impressed with it. And surely they will be curious about your wedding and no matter how busy they are, they will definitely make time to attend.

So if you are bored with the traditional wedding invitation templates. Choose a wedding card with embossed motifs. With a classic and romantic design, comes with a soft font. So when looking at it, it is very harmonious overall and makes a good impression on the viewer.

Wedding card with the image of the bride and groom

In recent years, wedding invitations with images of the bride and groom directly on the wedding card have become a "hot trend" chosen by many couples. This wedding invitation template is extremely unique and creates an unforgettable impression on the recipient. In addition, guests who hold the card in hand can also know who the bride or groom you are about to marry is. Therefore, you can cleverly introduce your other half to everyone.

Wedding card template with transparent mica material

Do you want to have a luxurious and beautiful wedding card? So don't ignore the wedding invitation template made from transparent mica material. This is one of the most beautiful wedding invitation templates that many people choose today. Not only creating a good impression on the viewer, by the sophisticated design but also new. Alternatively, you can write the text directly on the top of the wedding card. Or choose to simply cut or engrave the shape on the card.

Wedding card template with chrysanthemums

If you are getting married in the fall, this is a beautiful wedding invitation template you should refer to. Daisies symbolize autumn and quiet, lasting love. Therefore, using daisies motifs on the card brings a meaning to the couple's happiness. Or a dried chrysanthemum chrysanthemum attached to the wedding invitation envelope also brings an attractive and luxurious beauty. So anyone who receives the invitation card, is sure to be impressed by it and can't wait to open it.


Above are the beautiful, hot trend wedding invitation templates that are chosen by many couples today. So, if you are planning a wedding, please consult. In addition, in case you need advice and support to choose the best wedding invitation design for you. Do not hesitate to contact The Simple immediately. To view and update the latest wedding invitation templates at The Simple, please visit immediately. The Simple is pleased to serve you!.

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