Should you shoot wedding photos on set or outside?

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Should filming or outdoor wedding photography be a question that many couples are interested in and need the sharing of wedding photography experiences from those who have gone before. To make your choice easier, the following article will detail each of the pros and cons of these shooting styles. Based on that, you will evaluate the most suitable and ideal place to take photos for you.

1. Outdoor wedding photography

outdoor wedding photos

1.1. Advantages

To explain the question of whether to shoot outdoor or studio wedding photography, let's first evaluate the outstanding advantages of outdoor wedding photography as follows:

- Shooting outdoors will have the support of natural landscapes, colorful trees, making your photos come alive and extremely realistic.

- Outdoor light will create more perfect photos than using artificial light.

- Outdoor photography will ensure that you get a "unique" set of wedding photos that won't be in conflict with other couples' photos.

- If you take photos at a natural place without an entrance fee, then the time is completely endless, there will not be any regulations on the time to take photos.

1.2. Defect

beach wedding photos

- If you want to take pictures outside, the couple will have to travel far, so it will cost a lot of money for travel and accommodation.

- Shooting outdoors will take a lot of time, it will take you at least a whole day or up to a few days with high-demand couples or due to the influence of weather problems.

- Taking pictures outdoors, you will certainly not be able to take the initiative, but completely dependent on weather factors. In favor of the weather, you will have great photos, on the contrary, if the weather is too rainy or sunny, it will affect the quality of the photo shoot.

- When taking photos outdoors, you need to know that the distance between the shooting locations is quite far, this will take a lot of energy, making the bride and groom quite tired during the shooting process.

So outdoor wedding photography or filming will depend on the needs of each couple. If all factors are favorable, you will definitely have a wedding photo set for a lifetime when shooting outdoors. This is also a trend that captures a lot of favorite couples today.

2. Take photos at the studio

Should I shoot outdoor wedding photos or film sets? The pros and cons of taking wedding photos at the studio will give you the most accurate answer.

studio wedding photos

2.1. Advantages

- Taking photos at the studio helps to save maximum time and cost for taking pictures.

- The couple will not need to care about the weather or time when taking photos here. This form is very suitable for busy couples.

- Shooting in the studio, you won't feel tired or sore feet because you don't have to move too much. This will help put your mind at ease, to take pictures with a beautiful spirit.

- The film studio is now quite carefully invested in the context so that you can get many different pictures.

2.2. Defect

wedding photos at the studio

- The studio space is often limited, so if your photo shoot has too many couples taking photos, it will take a long time for you to wait for your turn to shoot.

- Film studios charge an hourly shooting fee, this is the reason why the shooting team will speed up the progress in time to save costs. Therefore, it will not be possible to be careful and meticulous in each photo shoot.

- The scenes at the set are the same, so the photography here will not have its own unique style.

- The shooting angles are very similar, creating boredom if you have looked through the wedding photos that have been taken before.

Every type of photography has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, wedding photography in the studio or the outdoors will be based on financial conditions, work characteristics, as well as the preferences of each couple to have their own choice to suit themselves.

Hope the above sharing helped you to be able to answer the question Should I take wedding photos on set or outside? We hope that you will find yourself a great wedding photography location to create the most meaningful and memorable moments for your love.

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