The meaning of wedding flowers: 28 special meaning flowers in the world

Ý nghĩa của hoa cưới: 28 loài hoa ý nghĩa đặc biệt trên thế giới

Choosing wedding flowers is not necessarily a simple task, so knowing the meaning of wedding flowers will help you decide a little easier. If you want a wedding bouquet that you hold in your hand with a lot of meaning, then let's find out with Marry the message that each flower brings to your love.

1. Roses

Meaning of wedding flowers roses It's no surprise that roses are always at the top of the list as the most loved wedding flower. This is a symbol of romance, love and beauty, surprisingly affordable and available year-round. The meaning of this wedding flower is unquestionable because it really suits every wedding.

2. Carnations

The meaning of wedding flowers carnations Colorful carnations are also a type of flower chosen by many couples, each color represents a different meaning. Pink represents boldness, red represents love and white represents talent. This flower is available all year round

3. Sea anemone flower

The meaning of anemone flower wedding flowers The meaning of the wedding flower anemone represents "expectation", which seems appropriate for big events, symbolizing a future together. Other meanings include good luck and protection against evil. This flower usually appears in spring.

4. Baby flowers

The meaning of baby flower wedding flowers The baby flower symbolizes innocence and purity. This is a beautiful flower that is affordable and available all year round.

5. Safflower (calla lily)

The meaning of safflower wedding flowers The lightly scented flower represents "magnificent beauty", which is really suitable for spring and summer weddings (this is a tropical flower native to Africa).

6. Chrysanthemum flower

The meaning of chrysanthemum wedding flowers The meaning of this flower symbolizes wealth. Chrysanthemum flowers are rich in color, types and are available all year round.

7. Chrysanthemum flower (cornflower)

The meaning of cornflower wedding flowers Cornflowers show prosperity and lasting affection. Two things every couple hopes to do after their wedding day. They are most used as a beautiful blue, but cornflowers are also available in white and pink.

8. Daffodils

The meaning of daffodils wedding flowers Bright daffodils symbolize happiness and respect. This is the right choice for brides holding a wedding in the spring.

9. Dahlia flower

The meaning of dahlia wedding flowers Dahlias are a symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever, making them truly perfect for weddings. Flowers are bold yet elegant for a summer or early fall wedding.

10. Chrysanthemums

The meaning of chrysanthemum wedding flowers The meaning of these wedding flowers is usually "to share one's feelings", so you can also arrange them around the aisle for everyone to enjoy with you.

11. Bird's nest flower

The meaning of the wedding flower of the bird's nest The flowers have a light fragrance that represents agility and lightness. This is a favorite flower in summer weddings.

12. Fairy orchid (freesia)

The meaning of wedding flowers freesia Fairy orchid has a fresh fruity scent and the meaning of this wedding flower represents "innocent". Although this is a color-perfect flower, its strong scent can interfere with dinner guests, so you should only use them as wedding bouquets instead of decorations around.

13. Gardenia flowers

The meaning of wedding flowers and gardenia The beautiful gardenia represents purity and joy. Two powerful things related to weddings. The interesting fact is that the scent of this flower can make you drunk.

14. Hydrangea flower

The meaning of hydrangea wedding flowers Hydrangeas are also one of the flowers that often appear in weddings. It represents understanding and "sincere feelings".

15. Iris flower

Meaning of Iris wedding flowers Flowers are usually blue, purple or white, symbolizing faith and wisdom. This flower has been strongly admired throughout history (by the ancient Greeks, ancient Egyptians, and medieval Europeans).

16. Lilac flowers

The meaning of lilac wedding flowers The meaning of this wedding flower is "Love is the first emotion". Too romantic, isn't it? Lilacs are usually available in spring and imported French lilacs are available year-round.

17. Lilies

Meaning of wedding flowers lily Lilies represent majesty, truth and honor. The flower is suitable for summer weddings.

18. Lily of the valley

The meaning of lily-of-the-valley wedding flowers Lily of the valley has a fresh, happy scent that is perfect for weddings because they really symbolize happiness. They are also considered the traditional flower of marriage in many countries around the world.

19. Magnolia flower

The meaning of magnolia wedding flowers You can get luxurious flowers that mean "love of nature" in spring and summer.

20. Orchids

The meaning of orchid wedding flowers Orchids are symbols of beauty (and love, sophistication, fertility, etc.) and come in a variety of colors and sizes. So no matter what your definition of "beauty" is, you can still use this flower for your wedding.

21. Peony

The meaning of peony wedding flowers This is a flower symbolizing love, happiness and ambition, it is a sweet sentiment for your romantic day. Usually appears in late spring.

22. ranunculus flower

The meaning of ranunculus wedding flowers A lush, cascading ranunculus bouquet speaks the language of flowers, "I'm dazzled by your charm." String is the perfect choice for the color-loving bride as it comes in almost every color of the rainbow.

23. Buffalo jasmine flower

The meaning of buffalo jasmine wedding flowers The meaning of this wedding flower is "marital happiness". A fragrant bouquet with star-shaped flowers will become a suitable option for a wedding.

24. Royal flower

The meaning of royal flowers wedding flowers The flowers have high stalks and represent lasting beauty. They are scented and come in a variety of colors, so you can feel free to choose your own.

25. Sunflowers

The meaning of sunflower wedding flowers Sunflowers mean loyal affection because sunflowers are known to always watch the sun. Both color and symbolism make them the perfect complement to a rustic summer wedding.

26. Fragrant bean flower

The meaning of fragrant pea flower wedding flowers The meaning of this wedding flower represents "joy" and it is also quite fragrant. Using them for a wedding late spring or early summer is most appropriate and that is also the season of this flower.

27. Tulips

The meaning of wedding flowers tulips The stately, famous tulips show love and passion so are quite perfect for the most romantic day of your life. They can be found in a multitude of colors, but typically pastel colors.

28. Five-color chrysanthemums

The meaning of five-color chrysanthemum wedding flowers The affordable five-color chrysanthemum symbolizes lasting affection, daily remembrance and also "thoughts of friends." If you still need a bouquet for your beloved bridesmaid, this might be the flower you should choose. Above are 28 meanings of wedding flowers in the world that Mary brings for your reference, hope you will choose beautiful wedding flowers suitable for you on your wedding day.

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